Thursday, February 23, 2017

Once again the hapless, spineless Conservatives and Republicans let the Liberal Press tell them what to do.

Milo Yiannopoulos made some comments about a year ago on a radio program that have surfaced and caused a fire storm in the Liberal Press. The comments seemed to say that Milo condoned pedophilia and having sex with Children. If you have heard the whole program you would understand, he may have misspoke, but never in his life did he ever advocate having sex with children. Many times he has spoken against this.
The Liberal Media got a hold of the tape and ran with it claiming Milo( who is a Conservative) supported sex with children, which is not true. 
What did the most of the Conservative media and Republicans do??? First he was dis-invited to the big conservative meeting CPAC where he was suppose. Next his book deal with Brietbart News Service was cancelled and he was forced to resign as one of their editors, all tho his  UM Seattle Cyberbulling Talk is still up on the podcast site of Brietbart.
If Milo had been a left-wing liberal darling nothing would ever have been said about those comments, but because he is a conservative, the Liberal News Media went all out to trash him.
What should have happen with Milo is he should have allowed to apologize and move on. But a lot of weak, spineless Conservative and  Republicans couldn't do that. They take their orders from the left.
Liberals have done worse, including one raping a 14 year old girl and another abusing her sister for years.  Both were embraced by the liberals and received Oscars.
I stand by Milo 100%. He has apologized for has comments and as far as I am concerned it is time to move on.
When will some Conservatives and Republicans learn to never, never take their marching orders from the Left. President Trump doesn't, so why should we. 

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